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Akanksha Herbal

Baby Skin Care

  • Baby Body Lotion

    Baby Body Lotion

    Packaging Size : 100ml, 200ml

    Brand Name : Akansha

    SKU : AKH048BBL

    Benefits : Helps to make skin soft, fair and glowing. Removes skin rashes, dryness, discoloration and burning s

    How to Use : Apply the Lotion On Face and Body Twice or Thrice Daily and Rub Gently.

  • Baby Body Wash

    Baby Body Wash

    SKU : AKH049BBW

    Brand : Akansha

    Size : 200ml, 100ml

    Benefits : Cleanses, exfoliates and moisturize the skin

    How to Use : Take requied quantity of Komolgandha and clean the body of your baby. Wash with normal water.

  • Baby Body Talc

    Baby Body Talc

    Brand : Akansha

    SKU : AKH024BBT

    Weight : 300gm, 150gm

    How to Use : Apply Required Quantity of Powder On Body and Gently Massage It.

    Form : Powder

  • Baby Skin Glowing Oil

    Baby Skin Glowing Oil

    Brand Name : Akansha

    Application : Massaging Baby

    Shelf Life : 6months

    Appearance : Transparent

    Form : Liquid

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